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Official Site: | @MaybeSomedaysLA
The Maybe Somedays are an Indie rock band based out of Echo Park in the city of Los Angeles. The band is fronted by singer/songwriter and guitarist Billy McIntyre, with Dan Moore (Holden, The Secret Language, Hexham Heads) on drums, and Yan Clermont (Fight Friendly) on lead guitar.

After forming in the Spring of 2012, the band began playing at clubs in and around LA impressing audiences with their raw and energetic live show. The Maybe Somedays' sound features melodic, guitar heavy songs with big sing along choruses, backed up by hard hitting and driving drums. Some influences include classic artists such as The Beatles and The Kinks, as well as the 90s alternative element often drawing comparisons to bands like Weezer, Oasis and The Foo Fighters.

Over the past year or so while playing local gigs and honing their live show, the band entered the studio up in Laurel Canyon with Luke Tierney (Silverjet, The Dead Peasants, The Penfifteen Club) to begin working on the recording of their debut EP All We Have Is Everything. The EP is almost complete, with only mixing and mastering on the horizon. To raise funds for the completion of the record as well as a west coast tour to promote the record, the band will be launching a Pledge Music campaign this September. Check out the link below for more information on how to get involved:

For more information on shows, news and new releases, like us on our Facebook page: