A machine is a device that uses energy to perform some activity or task. The mechanical aspects of machines, which involve forces and movement, are found at Machine (mechanical) Machine can also refer to: Contents 1 Computing, 2 Music 2.1 Albums, 2.2 Songs, , 3 Sports, 4 Others, 5 See also, Computing: Abstract machine, a theoretical model of a computer hardware or software system used in automata theory, Internet bot, a computer program that does automated tasks, "machine", slang for computer or server virtual machine, a computing machine implemented in software rather than directly in hardware, , Machines (video game), a 1999 real-time strategy game for Microsoft Windows, Machine-generated data, Turing machine, an abstract model of a computer, The Machine (computer architecture), a computer architecture project announced in 2014 by Hewlett Packard, Music: Machine (band) a late-1970s American funk disco group, The Machine (band), a US Pink Floyd tribute band formed in 1988, Machinery Records, a German record label founded in 1989, The Machine, a collaboration of other artists who provide backing music for Florence, i.e. Florence and the Machine

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