Underground Rap
Lower Class Citizens or LCC, started as a three piece rap group composed of college students that shared their passion for writing in high school and continued to inspire and collaborate with each other. Lower Class Citizens strives to expand peoples thinking of the world around them and the daily lives that they live. Over the years Lower class Citizens has expanded adding one more member to the group, Capital MC from Whitestone, Queens.

The evolution of music requires soul compassion and revolutionary thinking. One must be willing to understand past musical influences and reflect this with their own creations. This essence illustrates the Lower Class Citizens, and their involvement within the community. Together, they are educated warriors that understand that love and peace outweigh greed and hatred. With a style of Caribbean origin, LCC introduces foreign soul that sends a positive message of awareness to all listeners.

Rick "Inglorious'' Turner, is Puerto Rican and African American descent, born in Nuremberg, Germany, but raised in Spanish Harlem, New York City. He majors Video editing and Sound Design at the Art Institute of New York. He glorifies his Puerto Rican heritage in spoken word poetry, hip hop, and in his own written and directed films. He writes not only to raise awareness, but to show as a young male from Harlem, that he can have a voice and speak proudly of his opinions.

Mark "'Classic'' Lawrence, is of Jamaican descent born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He majors in political science at Lehman college. His mission in life is to reach the peak of his goals one of which is to open a school in each borough of NYC. He considers himself a crate digger because of his inspiration from older records which he incorporates it in his productions today. His passion for music allows him to produce unique and soulful instrumental beats as well as raw lyrics.

Wander Acosta, is a graphic artist and web developer from New York City. Originally born in the Dominican Republic, today he resides in Washington Heights, upper Manhattan where he’s surrounded by inspiration from both the negative and positive conditions within his community. His creative eye allows him to view the world from rare perspective which is expressed through his artwork, and music.

Capital MC, is the youngest in the group. Being related to Inglorious RIC, Capital MC shared the same strive and passion for the Hip Hop culture growing up. He currently will be entering college as a freshman later this year. Capital MC is a mixture of talent, creativity, and social togetherness, reaching a wide spanned audience.

The trio had their first performance back in the summer of 2010. This show, "Grab The MIC", consisted of A&R judges, as well as a panel of recording artist. There the group played two of their singles called "Free Hugs" and "Imagine", both recorded, mastered, and produced by the trio themselves. This performance led to the trio winning their first showcase performance competition. They were prized as "Rising Artist" winning a plaque and possible record deal with judges from Orama Records, Def Jam, and BuzzThis.net.