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The witty theatrical sound of the Lovely Feathers came together in 2004 with Richard Yanofsky (guitar/vocals), Mark Kupfert (guitars/vocals), Noah Bernamoff (bass), Dan Suss (keyboards), and Ted Suss (drums). The circumstances that led to the Lovely Feathers' formation only add to the Montreal group's unique indie rock display. Yanofsky was attending medical school when he decided he'd rather play rock music while the brothers Suss scoffed at one another's efforts; older brother Daniel studied philosophy and literature while training as a classical pianist. Younger brother Ted made way as an ambitious drummer, playing with a smattering of local hardcore bands. Bernamoff and Kupfert's tenure dates back before kindergarten; they had their own twee pop act as teens, but parted ways as teen angst took over. A chance meeting in 2004 rekindled the old friendship, ultimately leading to the ex-college hockey star Bernamoff filling in on bass at one of Kupfert's hometown shows. As they saying goes, the rest is history. The Lovely Feathers gathered at Montreal's Studio Plateau in summer 2005 for the recording of their debut album; 2006's Hind Hind Legs was produced by James Shaw (Metric, Broken Social Scene) and engineer Drew Malamud (Death from Above 1979, Stars). ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi