The seedling of discordant indie rock trio the Lights originated in the mid-'90s when bassist Jeff Albertson, who was residing in Idaho, met guitarist Craig Chambers and drummer PJ Rogalski via basement shows in Pullman, WA. The three moved to Boise, ID, and played noise rock as the Left Coast. Sean M. Lennon was added on guitar and the group released a few 7"s. Chambers and Rogalski opted to move back to Washington to attend college in 1998, subsequently ending the Left Coast. Chambers, Rogalski, and Albertson regrouped as the Lights. In 2003 the band finished their first full-length, Beautiful Bird, for Bop Tart Records. An EP, Wood and Wire, arrived through Childstar in 2005, followed by the album Diamonds and Dirt, issued by Wantage USA in 2006. ~ Kenyon Hopkin, Rovi