Formed in summer 1999 in Auburn, AL, by guitarist Chetley "Cheetah" Weise (formerly of Quadrajets) and drummer Doug "the Boss" Sherrard. Combining punkish garage rock pathos with the basic elements of Chicago and Mississippi Delta blues, the Immortal Lee County Killers emerged as purveyors of perhaps the loudest and most aggressive blues-based music ever. Using only drums and heavily distorted guitar, the group recorded The Essential Fuck-Up Blues barely four months after forming for Estrus on Weise's eight-track in an dilapidated shack that had served as rehearsal space. Utilizing a switching foot-operated system, Weisepounded out both guitar and bass sounds through seperate amplifiers, both cranked to their limit. A handful of split singles followed on various indie labels. Sherrard departed in early 2001 to be replaced by the loud and flamboyant J.R.R. Token ("the Token One"), also late of Quadrajets. ~ John Duffy, Rovi