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THE ILLNESS was formed in 2008 in San Francisco, California when guitarist Carlos Villarreal started writing songs to play with drummer Chris Thalmann. Longtime best friends from Pasadena, the two merged vastly different musical backgrounds: Carlos grew up listening to metal, while Chris had immersed himself in jazz and funk grooves. A successful collaboration between the two would require a musical compromise, and the progressive sound of THE ILLNESS was born. Guitarist Matthew Zipkin and bassist Cyrus Wong-Weissman joined the band later that year. Their partnership began more than 10 years ago, in the music department at UC Berkeley, and developed mostly within the jazz/funk jam-band genre. Singer Josh Viers was soon selected from a series of open auditions for his energy and raw talent. Josh brought a lifetime of metal addiction into the group, completing the balance of heavy riffs and cool grooves that defines the dynamic ensemble of THE ILLNESS. The five members of THE ILLNESS are united by their common interest in unique bands like Faith No More, Tool, and Deftones. Their latest album, A Monument to Our Gilded Age, was released in June 2011. It is a masterpiece of intricate composition and a resuscitation of the role of the concept album in the modern landscape of music media. THE ILLNESS drives the progressive rock genre right out of its rut, over the curb and straight through the front door. Performances are electric and fun, promising a jaw-dropping display of dedicated musical precision. Catch THE ILLNESS! Chances are, you already have it.