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Not everyone chooses the same path. Some jaunts are exhilarating whirlwinds, filled with excitement while other expeditions are deliberate and inspiring, yet equally satisfying. Some prefer a life in music away from home and others the more traditional route. Members of NYC-based The Holiday Electric have traveled both roads and want to tell their story. On their debut album, Ripper, which will be available this August through iTunes,, and other major online outlets, the band successfully intertwines both the subtle nuances and eccentric traits of such distinct voyages with their refreshing music and honest, pretense-free lyrics. The Holiday Electric's debut finds the collective collaborating with renowned producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, Live, Jack’s Mannequin) to provide the listener with a cohesive and expressive piece of music that conveys how music is their sanctuary.

hol•i•day - a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.

e•lec•tric - emotionally exciting; thrilling

The Holiday Electric is for its members the literal combination of these words. You see, each of the band members tried it the other way, ultimately watching promising development deals evaporate due to endless arguments with taste-makers and executives. The Holiday Electric’s music is meant to be a “holiday” first and foremost, both for the band and the listener, a holiday from expectations, stress, and sometimes reality. The electric fashion in which the music is delivered creates a sense of urgency, striving to energize tired listeners and reinvigorate them as fans of rock music.

The Holiday Electric forge together unique, memorable melodies and intricate layering. On Ripper, T.H.E. has sculpted an identifiable "wall of sound" that draws influences from rock, pop, and progressive music.