The Exceptions were a German demo group formed in the 1980s. They were early pioneers writing demos for the Atari ST platform. History: Usually known by the shortened form TEX they formed in the spring 1986 when Eric Simon and Udo Fischer were still teenagers. On obtaining an Atari ST they started exploring what they could do with this new hardware. After finding the initial Basic implementation limiting, they moved onto writing some simple graphical demonstration computer programs in assembly. After an early period of cracking games software and adding these demo screens to the loaders they eventually realised the coding was more fun. Their first breakthrough was a demo called the Little Color Demo' released in the fall of 1987. It was however the release of the then large B.I.G Demo (Best In Galaxy) which propelled them to prominence. It featured a large collection of music ported from various Commodore 64 games by their recently joined musician Jochen Hippel. They later joined a demo group alliance known as The Union where they were involved in some screens of the The Union Demo. Release history: Demo Release History Year Demo Comments September 1987 Little Sound Demo Mostly music with some colour scrolling January 1988 The B.I.G. Demo 113 Tunes, 5 screens March 1988 The Amiga Demo An early example of oversan border busting January 1989 The Union Demo In collaboration with TNT Crew, The CareBears, Level 16, the Replicants and the Delta Force Members: Like most demo groups the members used handles or nick names to identify themselves. Mad Max aka Jochen Hippel (musician)., Daryl aka Michael Raasch (coder)., ES aka Erik Simon (graphican)., 6719 aka Gunter Bitz (coder). His nickname is based on the citycode of his hometown., -ME- aka Udo Fischer (coder).

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