Driven by the desire to be the most recondite band on the eastern seaboard, The Danks deliver yet another album worthy of Brooklyn’s yellow pages. Recorded under threat of a global “cool”-ing in Toronto’s Kensington Market, the quartet pounded out, among other things, the unflinchingly catchy GANK. Recruiting Toronto’s Jay-boy Jeff McMurich (Fucked Up, Constantines, Owen Pallett) to man the mics and fondle the faders, the anti-workaday foursome bashed out eleven no-nonsense pop blasts that barely clock in at thirty minutes. Toying with new directions drawn from maps of places they’ve never been and don’t plan on visiting, GANK welds together the band’s belief of short term jaunts and holistic bummers while containing more twists than a pre-school game of European handball. The Danks are drifters with a purpose, and every song on GANK is Danks approved as being weird and worthy of their critically-acclaimed catalog. The songs that don’t get your head banging will make you want to rip your unitard. On March 25th, the leathered chaps will unleash a new fury worthy of the Smithsonian.