The working class boys of The Crescent hail from the poor neighborhood of Huyton, Liverpool, England, however chance meeting with ex-La's frontman Lee Mavers changed their lives.

The Crescent initially came together while still in secondary school. Each were big fans of Oasis. When Sean Longworth (bass) and Joey Harrison (drums) were 14, they got a band together for a school talent show. Karl Rowlands (guitar) joined shortly thereafter and befriended the legendary recluse, Mavers. Mavers wasn't a mentor; he became a control freak. Eventually, this led The Crescent to break up and make up on several occasions. By the new millennium, The Crescent left school behind and Mavers' negative earmark. Vocalist Wayne Whitfield was added to the group and a solid dynamic was cast. They had a manager and a record deal with Hut Recordings by January 2001 - rock and roll dream were coming true and The Crescent were barely 21. "On the Run" marked the band's debut single in May 2002; "The Test of Time" followed a month later. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi