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Official Site: | @thecolorbars
Largely the recording project of singer, multi-instrumentalist, songcrafter and producer Gerald Slevin, Brooklyn NY's The Color Bars has been supplying a steady stream of mind-blowingly catchy songs and albums for the better part of the last 10 years. The band’s music calls to mind the layered sound-scapes of the Flaming Lips, the eclectic and surreal production of Beck, and the imaginative quirkiness of the early Elephant 6 bands. After forming in New York City, The Color Bars’ live shows and 1st self-titled EP (now out of print) garnered them an enthusiastic and die-hard following in NY and around the US; Their next project, the psychedelic masterpiece "Making Playthings" LP was described by The Village Voice as “a bigger breath of fresh air than an air vent in an underground sewer.” They relocated to the Seattle, recording their next LP "Kairos at Infinity," and touring all around the Pacific NW and Japan where they were signed to now-defunct label 5D. In 2011, they released the sprawling "Prosopopoeia," their most ambitious album yet, which has featured songs in a number of TV shows and films. Currently, Gerald Slevin is hard at work at their next LP, to be titled "Those Who Weren't Already Briefed Were Gobsmacked," which he says is a reference to an internal NSA communique with regards to the recent controversy over privacy brought to light by Edward Snowden. Much like their records, The Color Bars’ live show is full of surprises. Every member sings in this band, which makes the already difficult challenge of not singing along next to impossible.