“ Its the Who meets the Ramones meets the Easybeats meets Beach Blanket Bingo! Its the criminals Australia wants to ship back to England and call it even! Its the High Priests of the Barbarella Girl God Love Cult! Its The Chevelles !” - Little Steven (Sopranos, Bruce Springsteen E Street Band) 2008

It was the summer of 1989-90. The twin peaks of revivalist 60’s psychedelia and post punk garage rock and roll had collided in Australia. Out of the West Australian surf crawled 4 long haired boys determined to make their own special guitar noise and The Chevelles were born. Featuring members of The Stems, The Kryptonics and The Freuds the band has showcased a wave of blistering guitars, soaring harmonies and head shaking tunes through their 20 year history with over 20 releases including 5 full length albums and 4 “best of” compilations.

The bands debut album was “Kids Ain’t Hip” (1992) was released in Australia and Europe through Survival Record. The single "Show me your Love" received high rotation airplay on JJJ in Australia and the band quickly developed an underground Australian and European following which was backed up by extensive touring in both regions. The bands 2nd studio album through Survival Records "Gigantic" (1993) was released to rave reviews both in Australia Europe and Brazil. The band featured prominently in many rock radio/TV playlists all across Europe. In France, "Gigantic" spent two months on the Rock 30 Radio Chart, entering at No 3. along side such luminaries as Sugar, Suede and Aerosmith. By the end of 1994 the band had blazed their way around Australia 3 times and slayed it all over Europe with an electrifying 42 date tour.
1997 saw the band release the compilation "Delirium" in Brazil which cemented the band in the surf market in the country. Between 1999 and 2004 the band toured the region 4 times, featured tracks in 3 surf movies and played wild beach festival to over 30, 000 people. "Rollerball Candy”(1999) was released in Europe, Australia and Brazil further cementing the band as the torch bearers of Australian Garage Power Pop movement. “Girl God” (2003) through San Francisco Label ZIP Records was the first US release of the band. It saw the band added to numerous college radio playlists and develop a solid underground fanbase in the US through touring.
In 2008 the band signed their whole back catalogue to Little Steven's (Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band, The Soprano's) Wicked Cool Records in New York and signed a worldwide publishing and new 5 album deal which saw the release of the compilation "Barbarella Girl God -Introducing the Chevelles" to the US market. The bands whole back catalogue was added to I-Tunes and tracks were included in the worldwide release of the cult Sony Game "Rockband”. The band also recorded a track "Get Back to New York City" for the US Fox Sports NBL World Series. "Accelerator" is the 5th full studio album and second album release though Wicked Cool Records. The album was recorded at Forensic, Lounge and Atomic Studios in Perth over a 12 month period and mixed by the late John Villani at Northbridge Sound Studios. It is the bands finest album to date showcasing waves of garage rock and roll and soaring "beach boy-eske" harmonies.
The Chevelles have played over 1000 live shows in their career and have earnt their reputation as “Australian Cult Garage Power Pop Legends” The band is a Tsunami of guitars and melody live. In 2007 they broke the all time bar and attendance records at their showcase at famed SxSW venue JB Reillys, Austin Texas.

In 2010, their 20th Anniversary Year… The Chevelles grab their boards and guitars and fire up their full blown 350 chevy again and do what they do best… play sweaty rock and roll all over the world. The 20th Anniversary World tour starts in January at the prestigious Australian Festival “The Big Day Out” and the year ahead will see the band extensively tour Australia, the US (including SXSW 2010), Europe and Brazil.

"The Chevelles play the loudest power pop known on this earth! Thats undeniable." Paisley Umbrella, USA

"The guitars are some of the biggest in the business, towering power chords straight from the loins of Pete Townsend almost to big and always melodic in an immaculate way" Houston Press, USA