From the streets of Suffolk Virginia aka "the Peanut City" this phenomenal lyricist was spawned. 5ive Stars born Theotis Porter widely known as 1/2 of the ILL INDIES and to many in the 757 as Coach Porter where he serves as Head Assistant Boys Basketball Coach. 5ive was a star athlete in high school and college were he earnd several offers to attend Division 1 and Division 2 Universities due to his athletic abilities. Although he played the games of basketball and football, his true passion resided in the Rhymes. Leaving behind the promise of becoming pro athlete, this lyricist embarked on a journey to attain his ultimate dream……to have the world singing and dancing to his music.
As part of the ILL INDIES had been rocking mics at various venues stretching from New York to Atlanta. They have opened up for some of the top hip hop artists in the game such as: Memphis Bleek, Swizz Beats, Young LA, Rah Digga, Styles P, and had attracted attention from some of the most known producers in the music industry with their unorthodox style. Platinum selling, Grammy Award winning producer Roosevelt "Binkdog" Harrell lll took the ILL INDIES under his wing to help polish their talents into diamonds with his incredible beats. They had also caught the ear of female lyricist RAH DIGGA who even gave them a shout out in the credits of her album "Classics" and Grammy Award winning producer Nottz Raw as well. They also wrote songs for Grammy Award Winning Music Supervisor Paul Stewart, earning a placement on the Fuse television show "The Hustle" and they also wrote reference tracks for Grand Hustle A&R Bruce Jaggers. The group had also worked with Super producers Bangledesh, The Thundakats and The Dezperawdos.

Most would compare 5ive Stars to 2 Chainz due to his appearance but thats where the comparisons stop. Others would compare him to Kanye West, B.o.B, Ludacris, T.I or J. Cole. Although, he loves being compared to Hip Hop's heavy hitters he would argue those comparisons because he feels as if his style is original and it deserves a category by itself. He won't argue the fact that most of these artist influences him in one way or another. 5ive is known for his message oriented rhymes, along with his unique flow and catchy hooks which he would just call simply hip hop music. Remains level headed and vocal about every topic facing the world today from 9-11 to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, to politics and even sports team theme songs. In the year 2005 5ive wrote a song with the ILL INDIES titled “Rayne from Katrina” produced by “BINK, in which they expressed great empathy for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. This song was so well received by Mayor Nagin that they were formerly thanked and invited to perform the song at the first home game of the New Orleans Saints.
What makes this 5ive Stars different from others is that he has experienced great losses and knows he is over due for a greater win. He also has a remarkable ear, a great eye for detail and a perfectionist. He always thinks outside the box, and isnt afraid to try something new. He does not and will not follow the path of others; but creates his own path because he is a trendsetter. 5ive Stars continues to remain actively involved in his community by organizing Back to school rally's, HIV Awareness Programs, actively with youth sports and participating in Stop the Violence initiatives.