The Automatic Music Explosion were founded in 2006 thanks to a chance encounter. Soon after Matt (vocals, guitar) moved from New York City to Los Angeles, he found himself talking to Max (drums) in a local record store. Within a few days, the duo had decided to start a band and were joined by Cleveland, OH, native Chris (guitar). The trio set to work rehearsing and gained the additional talents of Jodie (vocals, tambourine) and Jeff (bass). Inspired by a mutual love of bands such as the Dave Clark Five and AC/DC, the five refined their garage rock sound (following the lead of contemporaries such as the Fratellis and the Arctic Monkeys) and began playing shows throughout the Los Angeles area. (According to the band, the Automatic Music Explosion's first two shows were booked on the same night at clubs on the opposite ends of Los Angeles, with the band having only an hour between sets.) Their high-energy performances led to more gigs and increased interest; when the band released its EP This Is!, it was quickly picked up by both Los Angeles radio and MTV, which licensed the group's songs for use in the network's shows. As Automatic Music Explosion continued to expand its fan base by playing at clubs and high schools, the band decided that the time had come to record a full-length album -- and that the only one who could produce it was Mike Chapman. The bandmembers sent him their EP, and when he didn't respond, they took the next step by pooling their money and sending Matt to meet Chapman in person. The producer was impressed, and after witnessing the Automatic Music Explosion's live show, he agreed to work with the band on its full-length debut. ~ Katherine Fulton, Rovi