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Official Site: | @almightygrind
Southern California upstarts The Almighty Grind (a.k.a. T.A.G.) fuse elements of heavy guitars, nostalgic bass lines, and melodic introspective lyrics into a seemingly fluid style. Having independently produced three critically acclaimed albums over the past few years, all of which have gone on to infiltrate the film, television, and video game industries, their music has attracted fans worldwide who flock to the band because of their pure, unadultarated sound. With a live show that features an all out spastic attack of hype and energy, many have labeled the group as one of the greatest unsigned acts to emerge in years. They've shared the stage with such greats as Hed(pe), Pensativa, The Guano Apes, Static X, Shuvel, Trapt and Ozomatli to name a few.