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Meet the Alectrix
Ayana Williams- At 21, Ayana still lives at home with her parents but that doesn't mean she can't dream big. This soul singer grew up in Sherman Oaks California to a police officer father and a Motown recording artist mother. Lets just say she is destined for stardom, as long as her dad approves!

Tiffany Dunn- Tiffany is 27 and no stranger to superstardom and the music business. She was working with Rodney Jerkins aka Darkchild since he first discovered her at age 17 and was signed by Sony at age 20. Even though things didn't work out how Tiffany wanted, she got a taste of the music life. Jaded? A little. Driven to prove that she belongs? Definitely.

Missy - After leaving her conservative family in San Diego, Missy moved to LA and immersed herself in loud music and bad boys. Along the way she learned to dance, play the piano and began singing live at almost every open mike night Hollywood. After finding out she had a baby on the way, Missy's must learn to balance being a mom and a pop star. At 28 she may be the hottest and most talented mama ever!

Andi Roxx- Ms. Roxx made her way onto the music scene by in Los Angeles after moving from her hometown of Oakland Ca. At 32, Andi is ready for success and has the talent to prove it. She not only sings but can freestyle rap as she did in her audition for The Alectrix in 2012.

Heather- As the ring leader of "The Alectrix", Heather who is 29, keeps the girls in line with love and sometimes by laying down the law. Heather lends her talents as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and key board player to the band to keep the music flowing. She keeps them focused on the end game and their dreams of music stardom.