Having worked with and produced for artists such as Playboy Tre, Braille, Punchline, Luck-One, Liv Warfield, Meyhem Lauren, Bosko, Cool Nutz, Serge Severe, and Mistah Fab, ”I’m happy to have worked with all of the artists that I have so far; still, there’s so much more that I want to accomplish. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for my music”

As an engineer of the highest quality, one that other engineers go to for advice, most would never guess that his skills were self-taught. “Being able to mix really came out of necessity. Artists were looking for places to record over my beats and I figured if I could engineer and produce that I could be even more hands on with the music. I was already studying music for the instrumentation and arrangement; so I started tuning my ears sonically to what worked for a song.” But while his engineering abilities are highly sought after, Terminill’s goal has always been to make music.

In 2010, Terminill collaborated with fellow Portland producer, Sonny. Under the name of Northe’n Lights, they produced Cut ‘Em Or Pay ‘Em: an original compilation album featuring artists from across the nation, primarily the best and brightest from the Northwest region. Named after a phrase highlighting the duo’s disdain for bad business, the album garnered both local and national attention, and was well-received as a groundbreaking and decisively commercial record coming from a haven of underground music. As Willamette Weekly’s Casey Jarman put it, “The young producers have, admirably, developed a sound of their own – slick and blunt beats with videogame touches…”

Since releasing Cut ‘Em Or Pay ‘Em, Terminill has put everything behind his dream of creating music. ”Once the workload got to be so much at the studio that I was working 70 hour weeks, I knew I had to quit my day job and do recording and mixing full-time. I haven’t looked back since.” At Flatline Studios he spends the better part of every day building beats, recording artists of various genres, mixing records from a variety of artists around the nation, and focusing on the future.