Queens, NY rapper, Tarik NuClothes, cut his teeth in New York City’s underground Hip Hop scene. Emerging from his hometown clubs, Tarik crafted a signature sound and honed his bombastic live performance skills. NuClothes continued his ascent with shows at venues including Columbia and Wesleyan Universities and quickly built a fan base of more than 12,000 followers on Twitter. The buzz garnered the attention of indie label Fervor Records who landed the rapper’s songs in a multitude of hit TV shows. Tarik’s debut Fervor release, Emperor’s NuClothes contains slick, syncopated, heavily orchestrated beats with hard-hitting nasty party anthems further defining Tarik’s sound. Tarik NuClothes has risen from the underground to the mainstream by taking the reigns as the authority on certain ‘assets’ with his crossover single, Bubble Shaker.