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Marcos Santana Ramirez (Tana FoReal) was born on August 23, 1987. Born and raised in the city of North Las Vegas, Nevada. A Hip Hop/ Rap artist from the roots. Ready to work and currently working his way up to represent Hip Hop and his hometown.

Tana became interested into Hip-Hop, R&B and Rap at a young age of seven. Being a fan for a couple years, he did not become interested in rapping until the age of 12. At the age of 12 he would practice free styling in front of the mirror and on his walks to school; wrote and recorded his first track, which was a featured with an artist that inspired him to rap and keep making music. While growing up he would also be inspired by artist such as Eminem and 2pac.

Growing up in Las Vegas where the weather is either hot or cold was like any other kid growing up in Vegas, just trying to get their hands on anything they could. Living in an area where the perimeter was full with gangsters and clicks. They would always try to interfere with Tana and his homies that were all Graffiti artist. They would all chill; Tana would be quick to kick rhymes and vibe with everyone. He was not afraid to kick rhymes any time of the day.

Thus, he would love to collaborate with many artists in the future. He is inspired to make not any kind of music but rather yet great, real and lyrical music. Music that his fans can relate to and something you can perceive and say damn that’s real. One day he would love to give back to his community. He encourages all young, up and coming artists to stay active with music, out in public and to keep it real.

“Tana FoReal”