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Official Site: | @ohsuperstereo

Super Stereo's infectious Pop hooks and compelling live show have catapulted the band into the psyche of dance floor maniacs from 1980s Synth-Pop Fiends to Modern Electro Hipsters.

Their debut Fervor Records release, THIS IS FUTUREPOP, lays claim to and re-defines the genre with crunchy riffs, futuristic lyrics and seductive beats delivered in an Indie Pop package.

What is Futurepop? According to Super Stereo "It's not just a musical genre, it's a movement promoting unity and freedom of expression. Futurepop is a utopia bound together by sparkling Pop music and funky grooves, where all differences and tension of the human race disappear on the dance floor."

The band's organic rhythm section, held down by Statz (bass) and Bry (drums), lay the foundation for a trio of lead vocalists. T, Lo and PM Nightly's intricate harmonies, synths, guitars and percussion are enough to power an intergalactic journey.

In the words of U of A journalist Brandon Specktor, Super Stereo is "the product you might expect if Passion Pit and Prince were forced to share the same spacecraft and compose . . . in geostationary orbit."

The Tempe, Arizona outfit chose Brooklyn, NY as the backdrop for their debut video, Life Passed Me By. Shot on the Red One by director, Nick Morrison of Astronaut, the video brings the Futurepop movement to the screen with footage from Super Stereo's high-octane live performance at the notorious Trash Bar and features up-and-coming sensation, Daphne Eve Fernberger.

Super Stereo is poised to light up airwaves and melt dance floors across the universe as they bring Futurepop to a city or town near you.