Stephen Cohen or Steven Cohen may refer to: Stephen F. Cohen (born 1938), American scholar of Russian studies, Steven M. Cohen (born 1950), sociologist of North American Jewry, Stephen P. Cohen, senior fellow in foreign policy studies at the Brookings Institution, specializing on South Asian affairs, Stephen P. Cohen (Middle East scholar), scholar specializing in Middle Eastern affairs, Stephen Cohen (entrepreneur) (born 1982), entrepreneur; co-founder of Palantir Technologies, Steve Cohen (born 1949), politician from Tennessee, Steve Cohen (magician) (born 1971), parlor magician from New York City, Steve Cohen (wrestler) (born 1963), South African wrestler better known as Steve Simpson, Steven A. Cohen (born 1956), American investor and billionaire, founder of SAC Capital Advisors hedge fund (now known as Point72 Asset Management), Steven A. Cohen (academic) (born 1953), American environmental writer and academic, Steven Cohen (footballer) (born 1986), French professional association football player, Steven Cohen (soccer) (born 1962), former Fox Soccer Channel commentator and former soccer talk show host on Sirius, Stephen Cohn, composer

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