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The infectious, high energy rock-soul opening track of Steve Ryan’s eclectic new full length set Boundless Moments finds him living to the hilt in “Real Time,” keeping his life on “play” instead of “rewind,” moving full steam ahead. The multi-talented Atlanta based singer/songwriter has been in this mode since the explosive, unexpected success he experienced with his 2010 debut Steve Ryan Presents. He recorded that project as a low budget demo and decided to release it to gauge people’s reaction. It became a hit via social media—to the tune of over one million fans and growing--and earned airplay on numerous stations, from Euphoria Radio in France to 92.5 KYHY (The Why FM) in Burbank California.

Keeping the momentum going, Ryan released as a single a dance remix of “Reach Into Your Soul,” which appeared on the first album as an acoustic track. In response to the demand from his growing fan base for some songs while he was working on the new album, in 2012 he released the four track EP Intermission. Leading up to the release of Boundless Moments, the singer dropped the singles “Real Time” and the sensual R&B ballad “Your Stare” in February, 2013 and “Don’t Tell Me” and a dance remix of “Real Time” in March. On June 4, he will be appearing on the popular NY based Frankie Dee Real Radio Show, performing “Real Time” and “Easier Said Than Done.” In the past, the terrestrial and internet based program has hosted numerous rock legends, including Jon Bon Jovi and Gene Simmons. Building towards his first ever world tour, Ryan also does numerous performances for private parties and corporate events.

“The most interesting part of that first recording experience,” says Ryan, “was that I had gone into the studio to write songs for another artist, and when that person was a no show, I used the time to record my own material. I put it together with no idea that it would even be an album at first, but it really provided me with a springboard for my career. The biggest difference between Steve Ryan Presents and Boundless Moments is in the production. I worked hard at developing a full, rich sound for my songs, and the recording has me singing live with the musicians as they play live in the studio. The opening song about making every moment count in ‘Real Time’ can apply to a lot of situations in life, from love to finances, and in this case, it was also about me embracing the moment with some great musicians to take my game to the next level.”

Hailing from Warner Robins in Central Georgia, Ryan began writing poetry and taught himself piano at age eight. He credits his difficult childhood for his determination to develop the ability to express himself through lyrics and music – and his strong, positive minded, inspirational personality as a person and singer/songwriter. During his teens, he learned guitar, developed his songwriting skills and participated in numerous talent shows and vocal performances—all while taking weekly vocal lessons. The inspiration for the songs that became his debut album came to him in a dream. As he explains, “One night in a lucid dream, I could see myself on stage. My music was connecting with the audience. I knew at that moment it was time to begin working on my first album.” He just didn’t know how soon he would have the chance.

In a business that often rewards artists for sticking to one vibe and persona, Ryan stands out as a true indie spirit by being as much a guitar driven rocker as an R&B crooner. He’s also a brutally honest songwriter, penning the soulful rock infused power ballad “Don’t Tell Me,” for instance, from his frustration with hypocritical people who present themselves one way, only to reveal a darker side down the line. His multi-cultured background also infuses the soaring, inspirational anthem “Pride With Humility”—a socially conscious piece that beautifully fuses pop, soul and rock in one dynamic package. Ryan wrote his trademark “Real Time” on a day when he was experiencing a lot of personal attacks and was tired of the way people complained about their problems. Instead of complaining, he wrote that song about pressing forward.

“Sometimes I admit I am out there in space and la-la land, trying to be a perfectionist in a world where that’s always a challenge,” says Ryan. “But at the same time, I’m a romantic, compassionate, strong man and I love helping people. I have a lot of love to give the world, and that’s why the range of music on Boundless Moments goes from inspirational to love to moving forward and even venting, being hurt and being loved as well. It goes through all ranges of emotions, which is a true reflection of who I am. I’ve evolved as an artist over these past years, understanding music not simply as a subconscious thing I let flow but as a way to express my soul and connect with people in a way that everyone can relate to.”