Stephen Gibb (born Stephen Thadius Crompton Gibb; December 1, 1973) is an English singer, songwriter, and musician, and the first-born son of Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and Linda (née Gray) Gibb. Personal life: Gibb was born in London, England. He married Gloria Levas in November 2002. They have one daughter, Nina Lyn (born 27 December 2002) and one son, Angus Miles (born 6 February 2006). Currently Gibb and his family live in Miami, Florida. Musical beginning: At the age of three, Gibb began playing piano, but when he was about thirteen he decided he would like to play guitar. After attending a Van Halen gig he was inspired to work harder at this instrument. On 14 October 1988, Gibb and nine other students at The Lear School in Miami performed their first concert. This group was put together by Isaac Ersoff, a mathematics teacher at the school with a background in music. The students performed at lunchtimes and for special events at the school. Despite the fact that their high school closed in early 1989, Gibb and friends, Mike Wolofsky and Matt Ackerman, maintained their friendship. That same year Gibb and friends formed their own band, which was indecisively christened NNY for No Name Yet. Later they would settle on the name ZEX, and in February of that year they landed a gig at Woody's, a Miami club owned by Rolling Stone, Ron Wood. Later in the year Gibb would work as a guitar technician on the Bee Gee's One For All tour. In 1991, after being his father's guitar technician for two years, Gibb enrolled in a music school in Miami where he got his degree. He began writing songs, the first of which was a solo effort, "Whiskey Jam". Other songs penned during this time were "Shadow of Your Dreams" with Emerson Forth and Deniz Kose, "Hole In My Soul" also with Kose, and "Ren and Stevie" with Middle Ear Studio engineer, Scott Glasel and his girlfriend, Amanda Green. This song was a take off on the Nickelodeon cartoon series Ren and Stimpy. In 1992, Gibb and others including Forth, formed a metal band, SkilletHead, which performed the club circuit in and around Miami. That year Gibb also made occasional appearances as a guitarist backing the Bee Gees. In February 1997, Gibb joined The Underbellys. This five piece band included Billy Velvet (lead vocals), Joel Dasilva (guitarist), Sean 'Evil' Gerovitz (bass), Randy Blitz (drums) and Gibb on guitar. The band played venues including the Viper Room in Los Angeles and Don Hills in Greenwich Village. The Underbelly's, including Gibb, recorded for Columbia Records with Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens as their record producer. This did not result in a recording contract, and the band split up. In November 1997, Gibb performed live with his father and uncles for their 'One Night Only' concert in Las Vegas. He also toured with the Smithereens in the late 1997/early 1998. Recent work: 58: Gibb joined Nikki Sixx and Dave Darling in 58. The concept Sixx had in mind when he formed 58 was of a non-touring, internet promoted entity, that would feature on his new record label, Americoma Records. The name of the band stemmed from the year 1958, in which both Sixx and Darling were born. Their sound, as exemplified on the band's one and only album released in early 2000, was a self-described mixture of "glam, hip hop, rock, pop, funk and a car crash." Gibb co-wrote "Who We Are", which featured on Diet For A New America. Black Label Society: Gibb joined Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society as bass player in the spring 2000. Alcohol Fueled Brewtality, Black Label Society's (B.L.S.) live album was recorded in October 2000 and released on 16 January, 2001. However, in June 2001, just weeks into the American Ozzfest schedule, Gibb left the band for personal reasons. Crowbar: Kirk Windstein (founder of Crowbar) planned a rebirth for Crowbar in early 2004, and rebuilt the band with Gibb as guitarist, Pat Bruders on bass and Tommy Buckley on drums. Their 2004 European tour of 2004 was a success, the highlight of which was their performance at the With Full Force Festival in Leipzig, Germany. The band has consistently toured Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. The band's 2005 album, Lifesblood for the Downtrodden, was mastered at Middle Ear Studios (owned by Gibb's father). He left Crowbar in 2009. Films: The Outkast Talent Agency in Miami were asked to find numerous extras for the Michael Bay film Bad Boys II. Gibb appeared briefly in the opening sequence. In September 2006, Gibb, his father and brother Ashley, wrote "Drown on the River", which is included in the Burt Reynolds 2007 film Deal. Mythology tour: In 2013 Gibb toured Australia with his father Barry Gibb and cousin Sami in the first leg of Barry's international Mythology tour.

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