According to legend, Stereo Fuse's career could have been drastically different if it wasn't for the actions of an unnamed singer. members Jeff Quay (guitars,) Chad Jenkins (drums,) and Rob Clark originally went by the moniker Sandwich when they began to create quite a buzz in the Dallas area. They were performing a showcase at the Atlantis Music Conference in Georgia when a break between songs led the singer to tell a joke so offensive, it ended their set and caused the band to rename themselves out of shame. Although the group refuses to share the content, the experience was brutal enough to convince the band to draft in singer/guitarist Colin Hill and change the name of the group to Lee Harvey Osmond. Writing at a furious pace, the band put together thirteen tracks and started to play gigs. Striking a chord with local radio when their cover of Material Issue's "Everything" started to garner airplay, the band stepped into the studio and recorded their debut with a local radio programmer. Changing their name to Stereo Fuse, they sold an impressive amount of self-released discs in the first few weeks of the album's release. Other States began to pick up on "Everything," inspiring the group to start touring beyond their native Dallas. Seeing the album spread throughout the US, the band enthusiastically traveled around the country, promoting their eponymous release and gearing up for even more exposure. ~ Bradley Torreano, Rovi