Mississippi rapper Soulja Boy mixes a bit of Atlanta's party-oriented "snap music" with harder Mississippi and Chicago hip-hop into a sound he calls "Shylantasippi." This unique blend comes from having been born in Chicago but raised in Atlanta and then Mississippi, where the rapper hooked up with the Palm Tree Promotions team. Palm Tree put Soulja Boy in local showcases, but he was also uploading his music to the Internet on his own. Numerous downloads of his early tracks "I Got Some Bapes" and the over the top "Yahhh Bitch Yahhh" came first, then posted videos of Soulja Boy doing his dance moves took things to another level. Following in his dance steps, fans uploaded their own videos anywhere and everywhere, spreading the word and turning Soulja Boy into a grassroots phenomenon. "Crank Dat Soulja Boy" became both his anthem and breakthrough track in 2007, when the major label Interscope picked it up and signed the young rapper.

By the end of the year the track landed on his debut album, Souljaboytellem.com. His second, iSouljaBoyTellem, followed in 2008, with The DeAndre Way arriving two years later. In 2011 he went independent with the mixtape Smooky, while 2012 saw him partner with Young L for the mixtape Mario & Domo vs. the World. His 2013 mixtape Foreign launched rumors that he was signed to the Cash Money label, but 2015's Swag the Mixtape announced he was instead launching his own label, Stacks on Deck. ~ Cyril Cordor, Rovi