Australian Singer/songwriter; SNEZ; has released the first single ‘GREEN’ from her long awaited second album ‘8 Lives Left To Lose’ through itunes. After receiving wide praise for her debut album ‘Gypsy soul’ (2009), Snez has spent the last four years touring Australia with her co-writer, producer and guitarist; Stewart Peters, squeezing their world into a van for months at a time, visiting remote and regional Australia, sharing stories and songs ... and loving every minute of it!
Snez is a maverick in the independent music scene, defying any old pigeonhole ... never afraid to put her heart on her sleeve, or just let it all loose. Genevieve Jacobs from ABC Radio Canberra commented ‘We often have singer/songwriters come in and you think …it’s a cookie cutter, it’s same songs about boys and cars…but [with Snez] it is very personal; Snez's music is very emotional’