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Skip may refer to: General usage: Skip (container), a type of large open-topped container, Skip (music), a melodic interval, Skip (audio playback), a type of malfunction of a phonograph or gramophone or CD player, Skip (radio), a radio signal which is reflected or refracted in the atmosphere or ionosphere, Skip (curling), a position in the sport of curling, Skip (gait), a style of gait movement involving a combination of walking and jumping, Jump rope (skipping rope), where one or more participants jump over a spinning rope so that it passes under their feet and over their heads, The Skip, a route run by the Regional Transportation District that runs between North and South Boulder, Colorado, Skip, a haircut style, Skip, Anglo-Celtic Australians; a word taken from the 1966 Australian children's television show Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, Acronyms: SKIP (Skeletal muscle and kidney enriched inositol phosphatase), a human gene, Simple Key-Management for Internet Protocol, SKIP of New York (Sick Kids need Involved People), a non-profit agency aiding families with sick or developmentally disabled children, System of Kanji Indexing by Patterns, an original system for indexing kanji by the Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary, As a nickname: Skip Alexander (1918-1997), American golfer, Skip Barber (born 1936), American retired racecar driver, Skip Battin (1934-2003), musician, former bass player and songwriter with The Byrds, Skip Bertman (born 1938), American former college baseball coach and athletic director at Louisiana State University, Skip Butler (born 1947), American former National Football League placekicker, Skip Campbell (born 1948), American politician, ring name of Chris Candido (1972-2005), American professional wrestler, Skip Caray (1939-2008), American sportscaster, son of Harry Caray, Skip Ewing (born 1964), American country music singer and songwriter, Skip Hicks (born 1974), American retired National Football League running back, Skip Hinnant (born 1940), American actor and comedian, Skip Hollandsworth (born 1957), journalist, screenwriter and magazine executive editor, Skip Holtz (born 1964), head football coach at Louisiana Tech University and former head coach of the University of South Florida, Skip Homeier (born 1930), American actor, Skip Humphrey (born 1942), American former politician, Minnesota attorney general and state senator, Skip James (1902-1969), American Delta blues singer, guitarist, pianist and songwriter, Skip Jutze (born 1946), American former Major League Baseball catcher, Skip Kendall (born 1964), American golfer, Skip Krake (born 1943), Canadian former National Hockey League player, Skip Lockwood (born 1946), American retired Major League Baseball pitcher, Skip Manning (born 1945), American former NASCAR driver, Skip Martin (1916-1976), American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist and music arranger, Skip Minisi (1926-2005), American college and National Football League halfback, member of the College Football Hall of Fame, Skip Peete (born 1963), American college football player and college and National Football League coach, Skip Prokop (born 1943), Canadian rock drummer and band leader, Skip Prosser (1950-2007), American college basketball coach, Skip Scarborough (1944-2003), American Grammy Award-winning songwriter, Skip Schumaker (born 1980), American Major League Baseball player, Skip Spence (1946-1999), Canadian-born American musician, singer, songwriter and co-founder of Moby Grape, Skip Stahley (1908-1992), American college football coach and athletic director, Skip Thomas (1950-2011), American former National Football League cornerback, Skip Williamson (born 1944), American underground cartoonist, Skip Wilson, retired Temple University baseball head coach, Skip Woods (born 1970), American screenwriter, producer and film director, Fictional characters: Skip Ricter, a character in the movie Cars, Skip, title character of the autobiography My Dog Skip by Willie Morris and the film adaptation of the same name, Skip, a demon from the TV series Angel, Skips, on Regular Show, an American animated TV series, Skips, on Camp Lazlo, an American animated TV series, In business: Skips (snack), Skip, a detergent brand from Unilever, skip Ltd., a Japanese video game developer, Storms: Tropical Storm Skip (1982), Tropical Storm Skip (1985), Skipping: Skipping can refer to several things: The hippity-hoppity gait that comes naturally to children, A game or form of exercise using a skipping rope, Stone skipping, Snowmobile skipping, Skipping class, otherwise known as truancy, British slang for Dumpster diving, "Skipping", an episode of the television series Teletubbies

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license