Born and raised in the beautiful tranquil isles of The Bahamas, in the capital city of Nassau – Christopher Marcus Carey, began singing at the tender age of five and was absolutely fascinated by the multi-talented “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. But according to Christopher’s mom it absolutely did not start there, but from within her wombs, when he would leap at the sound of music, especially at the sound of his father’s voice as he would serenade his mother on the acoustic guitar. Three months premature the artist sketch made touch down 21 years ago on the 21st of February 1989, to panicked parents Patrick and Jennifer Carey. Christopher couldn’t wait to make the world his stage and Music his name! Sketch recognizes that he is predestined, one of a kind and God inspired! A second generation Musician and Entertainer, SKETCH Hails from a heritage of highly skilled, world renowned Artists all of whom maximized their potentials in music and have become the ultimate success story. No more worthy of salute than his dad, Pat Carey, guitarist/soloist of BAHAMEN and Brother Rick Carey lead singer of BAHAMEN, whose achievements are represented by a myriad of awards and whose lifetime achievement to date have earned them bragging rights for the prestigious Grammy Award for “best Recording “Who Let The Dogs Out: AND SO…. the legacy continues, and Christopher ‘SKETCH” Carey is about to take the world on a copious-but glorious ride, Make no mistake about it, a singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, and artist, Christopher is multi-talented and task orientated and plays the guitar, drums and wails on the keyboard. With hundreds of tracks to his credit, the word is out, and “Sketch is fast becoming an international household name.