Alternative Rap
SKEE-LOs first hit record was titled "I Wish." The "I Wish" single with a video that parodied Forrest Gump became a huge hit on radio and TV during the summer of 1995 and, his identically titled debut album was released shortly thereafter; earning him two (2) Grammy nominations for "Best Rap Solo" & Best Rap Album. Later single releases would include “Top of The Stairs” from the "(Money Train" movie), "Come Back To Me” (from the "Big Bully" movie), “Mr. Morton” from the (School House Rock Album) and “I’ll be Your Everything,” (which he co-wrote with the Boy-Band-Group “Youngs Town” for the “(Inspector Gadget)" movie). All of which -"multi-platinum.?"

?SKEE-LO is one of the most versatile Rappers in Hip Hop music Today! He was born in Chicago IL. but later moved to New York, where he lived for several years absorbing Hip Hop culture. At the time it was artist like RUN DMC, UTFO, WHOODINI, KRS-1 & more. He then moved to Los Angeles California where he currently resides. He's shared the stage with artist like (2Pac, Biggie Smalls., Bone Thugz, Snoop Dog, James Brown, Stevie Wonder & more).?

?From 1996 -1997, SKEE-LO was a V.J. for both MTV's "The Beach House," & MTV "The Grind;" thereafter he made appearances as lead actor on television shows like Dangerous Minds, Goode Behavior, & Bay Watch Nights.?

?On November 13, 2012, the young rapper released a new album entitled "FRESH IDEAS." The "FRESH IDEAS" album has (12) songs, On-sale at: $9.99. Buy It on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play! ?