Tasty (Korean: 테이스티) is a Korean-Chinese duo based in South Korea and signed under Woollim Entertainment. Consisting of two male twins, Daeryong and Soryong, the duo debuted in 2012 with a single titled Spectrum. History: Pre-debut: Jung So-ryong (정소룡), Chinese name Zheng Xiao-Long (郑小龙) and Jung Dae-ryong (정대룡), Chinese name Zheng Da-Long (郑大龙) were born and raised in Jilin, China, on (1988-02-25) February 25, 1988 (age 27). Prior to their debut under Woollim Entertainment, the duo were trainees under JYP Entertainment. After passing the auditions for JYP back in 2006, the twins were sent to the United States and lived there for 3 years to train for their debut. During their stay in the U.S., the duo trained under choreographers that worked with Beyonce and Ne-yo. In 2007, the twins were backup dancers for singer and CEO of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin-young. After 5 years in training at JYP Entertainment, the duo decided to leave JYP after seeing trainees debut before them. Stated in an interview with Newsen, the duo said: "We passed the audition (JYP) easily so we thought everything would be easy too. But later on when other friends (trainees) joined in and debuted before us, we felt disappointed." 2012: Debut with Spectrum: On July 23, 2012, Woollim Entertainment released a teaser titled It's New onto their official YouTube channel to announce the debut of a new artist and on August 6, 2012, the teaser for Tasty's title song for their debut titled You Know Me (너 나 알아) was released. On August 9, 2012, the official music video for You Know Me (너 나 알아) was released. Their debut single Spectrum was fully written and composed by rookie producer 'Rphabet' consisting of 4 songs in total, including the title track "You Know Me". On August 10, 2012, Tasty performed for the first time on KBS's Music Bank. To promote their EP, Tasty had also performed on various music programs. 2013: Comeback, Spectacular, Day n Night: On July 28, 2013, a video uploaded on Woollim Entertainment's YouTube channel titled TASTY 2013 Comeback Trailer announcing Tasty's comeback. After almost a year away from the Korean music scene, Tasty released a video teaser for their next title track MAMAMA on August 4, 2013 On August 7, 2013, the music video for MAMAMA was released. The title track "MAMAMA", which is a fusion of swing and hip hop was written by Singaporean producer-writer Tat Tong, with lyrics by label-mates Hoya and Dongwoo of Infinite H, who were also featured in the music video of MAMAMA. The duo's new single titled Spectacular consists of four tracks, with the first track titled "Spectactular", second track titled "MAMAMA", third track titled Addiction and the last track titled 2Nite featuring Hanhae from Phantom. On November 18, 2013, Woollim Entertainment uploaded a teaser for "Day n Night" (떠나가 or 离开) followed by a second teaser a week later on the 25th. The music video was released on November 27, 2013 and was revealed to be shot entirely in Hong Kong. Actress and model Esom made an appearance in the music video as the female protagonist.

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