A rising star on the hip-hop scene, Sincere is taking on the world through his music, his life and hislove and admiration for women:

Where do you hail from, what’s your

I’m from Chicago, the Northwest Side, in the Humboldt Park and
Garfield Park area. My family moved a lot, so I got to experience different
neighborhoods and places of Chicago.

Where did that name “Sincere” come from—does it have meaning to

The name Sincere was just bestowed upon me, really. I was just always hell-bent on being honest about everything when it came to family and friends. So—my cousin just started calling me “Sincere” and it stuck!

How did you get started in your music?

Well, I first fell in love with hip-hop when my brother played
Tupac’s video "I Get Around." I just remember how good the music made people
feel, and even though I was only 5 or 6, I understood that feeling.
Fast-forward, I was about 12 years old when I used to see this local rapper free
styling every day after school. He was an upper classmen, and I just remember
how he had everyone’s attention where they even looked up to him—and I just knew
that’s what I wanted to do.

Were your friends and family supportive of your ambitions as an
artist in the beginning?

My friends and family didn’t take me seriously at first. But then
when I was 16, I released "Welcome To Tha Jungle," my first mix-tape. I sold
them for $5 a copy and made $5000 in one weekend! After that everyone took me

Where does theinspiration for your music come from?

My every day struggles and the life that I see my friends and
family lead. I draw a lot of my inspiration from women—I love women they are the
most amazing thing God has ever

How would your classify your style and music?

It’s smooth rap. Not too serious all the time. I just want everyone to feel good.
Life is so hard—I want everyone to relieve some stress and get away with
my music.

As an artist, is there anyone who you admire?

I admire Nas and Jay-Z—those are the guys I look
up to. Nas for his raw talent and versatility. And he never sacrificed his music for
money—he’d dumb down his music that way.
And I admire Jay-Z for his business sense. I watch all of his business
moves—everything is business about him!
I love it that he doesn’t make many mistakes when it comes to business.

What’s the message you hope your music brings across?

I hope it lets people know its okay to stand up and believe in
your dream, because everyday someone tells me, "That isn’t going to work" or
“Don’t you think that’s a long shot?" I want my music to inspire the movers and
shakers of the world!

Do you write and produce all of your own music, or do you collaborate with others?

I write all of my music and I work with producers from all over
the country. Anyone who can help me express my sound—I’ll do a song with anyone
who has talent in my opinion. And I’m honest! If I don’t think you have talent—I’ll tell you—that’s why they call me “Sincere” I’m

What has your past music signified in your life and growth as an artist?

I mean....I know my audience now! At first, I had no idea who I
was talking to, who was getting my music and relating to it. After doing more
shows, reading fan-mail and seeing the faces of my fans—I know who I’m relating
to. So—now I can talk more directly to them and draw my

Where is your new music headed?

I’m learning how to express myself better in every way! My music
is all about growth and I plan to offer more storytelling.

What do you have coming up next with your

A 10 to12 track album of my stories and life experiences titled
"Bad Decisions Make Good Music"

Where do you see yourself in 2013?

I want a shot at a major record deal and a tour! I want it sooooo
bad—I can taste it! And when I get it—I’m going to hit the industry like a

You’ve already attained a large fan base—how can fans get a hold
of your music and when can we expect to hear more from

You can get my music on my site www.iAmSincereMusic.com where
everything is free. I only ask you to purchase my new album—because this time
it’s an album and not a free mix-tape! Expect to hear more from me weekly,
though, because I’ll be uploading a weekly, free song on my site!

Smooth sound, inspired, and the energy of a hurricane! It sounds
like a Sincere storm is headed this way…

~Written by Heidi Hollis columnist for Weird