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Official Site: | @TheRealSILA
On SuperAfrican, his first album in three years, singer-songwriter-producer Sila Mutungi delivers his most impassioned and eclectic work to date. The Kenyan-born artist, who’s lived in San Francisco for the last decade, harked back to his childhood growing up on a rural village 45 miles from Nairobi, for inspiration while making the new album.

The result is a twelve-track effort that shimmers, pulses, and throbs with earnest and heartfelt expressions of American pop, R&B, soul, and funk, filtered through an Afropop prism. Though all of the lyrics (with the exception of Sila’s trademark tribal shouts and wails) are sung in English, it’s a record with a global identity...much like Sila himself. SuperAfrican looks at American black music through the eyes and ears of an African expatriate, grasping for the American Dream while relating the immigrant experience in this country, adapting to encompass new forms of expression while still retaining a native cultural identity.