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Self-proclaimed as “King Of The Kounty”, rapper/entrepreneur Shortyo is fast becoming known as the guy that every other guy wants to be. Besides having a charming personality, fast cars and successful businesses, he is also rising above his local sensation status with his pop-inspired hip-hop as the vehicle for his clever wordplay and music. Richard Hentosh was born in Chester, PA on January 31, to a single mother who was only 15. Though raised with strong convictions and morals Shortyo repeatedly proved himself as a “problem child”. With no father in his life and living on welfare and section 8, Shortyo turned to the streets for guidance. In the following years, Shortyo disassociated himself from the negative people in his life and began to walk a path that even he had no idea where it would lead.

Shortyo fell in love with hiphop at an early age, listening to music from NWA, Eazy-e, and Ice-T, which was odd since Shortyo was from Pennsylvania where the only thing considered "hiphop" was Grandmaster Flash, KRS 1, and the rest of the eastcoast scene. Shortyo started his 1st rap group with 2 friends in grade school when he was only 9 or 10 years old. He was even nominated "Most Destined For Rap Stardom" by his Eighth grade teacher. Throughout high school Shortyo was writing songs and performing at local venues to satisfy his crave for music. In 2004 Shortyo entered a rap battle competition called "The Cypher" on 100.3 The Beat (Radio-One) in Philadelphia and destroyed his opponents with his originality and catchy wordplay for 10 consecutive weeks.

“I’m not into music for the money”, says Shortyo. “I do it because I love it.” Love must be a powerful thing because in 2009 his love began to pay off. He teamed up Michael Rosenburg at Koch Entertainment and released his 1st album titled "King Of The Kounty". The first single Stripper featured Grammy Award Winnign artist Young Berg and the Follow up Single "Thats Right" featuring multi platinum recording artist Lil Wayne garnered support from radio deejays and received numerious spins in the commercial radio market..

Currently, Shortyo is finishing up his follow up album entitled Father Forgive Me and setting up promotional shows throughout the United States. With talent in his left pocket and determination in his right, there is no telling how far this "King" will go.