When you think of truly inventive production, intelligent lyricism and unyielding determination
to “Push,” the first name that comes to mind should be Shane Eli. He is an artist/producer
currently hailing from Los Angeles, California who has independently produced and released two
well-crafted albums titled, The Push and I Can Do Better. His debut, The Push, is a deeply personal
introduction to the artist, unpacking his struggles growing up in a single parent home without
ever having met his estranged, Nigerian father. Throughout his sophomore release, the artist
examines himself in relation to the music industry, which he is undeniably driven to be a part of.
Shane Eli looks forward to releasing his latest album Enough Love in June 2013, in which he
reveals a darker and more determined side of himself.
With a growing, fan base both in L.A. and online, Shane Eli is clearly one to watch. Hie has
produced for everyone from the legendary funk ensemble, Earth Wind & Fire, to Diggy
Simmons, son of hip-hop giant Reverend Run of Run DMC. Both acts were undoubtedly
intrigued not only by his dedication to craft and quality but also his eclectic, far-reaching
repertoire and his personable demeanor. Since those auspicious beginnings, he has gone on to
produce for recent Strange Music signee, Rittz, and Strange Music label founder and flagship
artist Tech Nine amongst many others.
Inspired by a seemingly infinite number of artists across eras and genres, ranging from Ella
Fitzgerald to The Clash, Shane Eli is always searching for innovative ways to build, create and
perform records, both for himself and others that are, at once, relatable and inspiring. He has
been featured on various radio stations, websites and TV programs including Fox Business
News, where he discussed his experience crafting his debut album independently on a “shoestring budget,”. He has opened concerts for hip-hop moguls: J. Cole, Talib Kweli, Common and
Ludacris and has performed at both South x Southwest and the A3C music festival in Atlanta.
Shane was born in Canada and raised between The Bahamas and L.A. by his mother, with whom
he remains very close. It was during his time at University in Vancouver, Canada, where he
completed his undergraduate degree in Film Production on a football scholarship, that Shane
began honing his skills in music competing in rap battles, and later producing. Within the last
year he has started a non-profit organization called Hip Hop in the Making, sponsored by the
Grammy Museum, through which he, personally, teaches children without access to music
programs, how to create music using the latest technologies and software. It is his goal, through
talent and dedication, to reach success and inspire others to do the same.
Looking forward to his junior release, Enough Love, Shane Eli’s audience can expect nothing less
than, real, relatable lyrics, innovation and determination to make bigger waves in the industry.
There is no such thing as “enough love” for this artist…. He keeps pushing and its about to pay