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See Green is singer/songwriter/producer Courtenay Green, New Yorker by birth and Angeleno by...packing up her things and moving there.

Like a hybrid SUV landing on Plymouth Rock, her vibrant alternative pop is grounded in the past, but very much of the present. Bursting with richly textured arrangements and unique instrumentation, her songs toss elements from a host of different influences into a giant musical blender, the result being a delicious cocktail of catchy hooks, clever lyrics, and quirky interludes.

Using her skills as a drummer, guitarist, bassist, pianist, percussionist, trumpet player, and dabbler in a host of other instrument categories, Courtenay writes/arranges nearly every part of every song and co-produces all of her recordings, creating an unusual brand of pop that somehow feels familiar while remaining entirely original and distinct.

Fun facts:

- Courtenay graduated with honors from Princeton University
- She played drums in an all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band for two years
- She hates vegetables, except for zucchini
- Her favorite color is purple
- She has traveled to over 50 countries (and counting)
- She secretly (although not-so-secretly now) loves show tunes
- She wants a vanilla malted milkshake RIGHT NOW.