College Rock
We have a center to our circle, and it moves (moved?) from Toronto to St. John's. It can change but it is a band and it feels strongly about the parts. The place is different, but kept the band name because I am happy with it and it's really hard to come up with a good band name. Would you like to sing and dance with me? I am going to yell at you. We are a loud guitar-band. I am sorry. We steal a lot from things we like a lot. Here is a partial list with no spaces. OLDTomPettyTheJamCheapTrickTheBandElvisCostelloINBETWEENSuperchunkGuidedByVoicesPavementBuiltToSpillDismembermentPlanWilcoNEWTedLeo&ThePharmacistsSpoonSloanTheThermals
- R. xo