Playing tight, smart and melodic pop/rock that doesn't sacrifice energy or attitude for maturity, Sally Crewe is a native of Yorkshire, England who began writing songs at the age of 15. After years of learning the ropes on various stages in London and Leeds, Crewe released her first album in 2003, Drive It Like You Stole It, a collection of songs dominated by themes of cars and relationships; Britt Daniel and Jim Eno of Spoon served as Crewe's backing band the Sudden Moves on the album as well co-producing with Crewe. Drive It Like You Stole It was released by 12XU, the label started in 2000 by Gerard Cosloy, who was also one of the movers behind Homestead Records and Matador Records; as it happens, Spoon are also signed to 12XU in Europe and Cosloy is married to Crewe. By the time Crewe's second LP, Shortly After Take Off, was released in May 2005, Crewe had relocated to Austin, TX, and formed a new version of the Sudden Moves, with Matt Baab on bass guitar and George Duron on drums; Shortly After Take Off also included cameo appearances from Joshua Zarbo of Spoon and Kimberley Rew of the Soft Boys. An internet-only EP, Ten Minute Moment of Truth, followed six months later. In early 2009, Crewe's third LP, Your Nearest Exit May Be Behind You, was issued by 12XU; shortly before the album's release, Crewe & the Sudden Moves toured the U.K. with the Wedding Present, and Matt Baab bowed out of the group, with power pop cult hero Tommy Keene joining them on bass. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi