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| @Saintseneca

Indie folk unit Saintseneca were founded and led by songwriter and lead vocalist Zac Little. They are a mercurial group that meld folk music from Appalachian and international traditions to post-modern pop and acoustically driven indie rock.

Little had been playing in folk bands with friends from a small Ohio town. The group moved to Columbus to attend college and began playing dozens of house concerts. Their first self-titled EP was issued in 2009, and by then the line-up had changed. A second EP, the cassette-only Gray Flag, was released in 2010 and the band became a national touring ensemble, playing wherever and whenever they could, working college radio hard and continually shifting their lineup.

They were signed to Anti in 2012. Their debut album, Last, was released in the spring of 2013. By this time, the band's line-up had changed yet again and Little remained the only original member. He immediately began recording a follow-up album in a friend's attic. The early 2010s line-up -- Little, Steve Ciolek, Maryn Jones, Jon Meador, and touring member Matt O’Conke -- also collaborated with other musicians. After filling a computer's hard drive with songs and sounds, Saintseneca moved their operation to Nebraska to work with producer Mike Mogis, where they revisisted each song utilizing a plethora of electric instruments in their mix. Anti released Dark Arc in the spring of 2014. ~ Thom Jurek, Rovi