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| @runerk |
Rune Reilly Kølsch, also known as Rune RK, Rune, ENUR and Kölsch, is a record producer and DJ from Denmark. Together with his half-brother Johannes Torpe they make up the musical production team Artificial Funk. Career: Rune started producing music in 1995, when he released the single "Zone One", experimenting on techno and drum & bass. Kölsch: For Rune Reilly Kølsch, Kompakt has become a great label to call home. In 2013 the German imprint celebrated 20 years of record releases at the cutting edge of electronic music, championed in June by one of the most genre re-defining albums and personal music projects for an era: Kölsch's landmark long player, '1977'. ENUR: Enur's first solo album, Raggatronic, is a predominantly reggae fusion album and has guest-appearances by Natasja, Natalie Storm, Majid, Beenie Man, Greg Nice, Chopper City Boyz, Collie Buddz, GoonRock and Nicki Minaj Artificial Funk: Alongside his half-brother Johannes Torpe, he formed the Artificial Funk production team in 2000. The pair achieved notoriety through a number of hits, notably "Together" and through the international hit "Calabria". They were signed to Skint Records in 2002. Rune and Torpe have also founded the labels ArtiFarti Records, and Nightology Records.

Source: Wikipedia

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