Ruby Blue were an English folk rock/pop band of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The original members of the band were Edinburgh friends Rebecca Pidgeon and Roger Fife. By their 1990 album Down From Above, the band included Erika Spotswood (later shortened to Erika Woods) and Anthony Coote. Background: In autumn 1986, Fife and Pidgeon sent a demo tape to Red Flame Records--a small London-based indie record company owned by Dave Kitson. At that time, the duo called themselves R'n'R. Kitson agreed to fund an album, which became Glances Askances. After this first album, Ruby Blue released three new singles on the Red Flame label: Because, Bloomsbury Blue, and Stand Together. Coote was recruited to the band via an advertisement placed in Melody Maker magazine. Woods, a friend of Pidgeon's from their time at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, was added to sing harmony vocals. Between their first two albums the band released a flexidisc, Easy, on the Fatea label, in conjunction with Fatea magazine, as a thank you for the support the magazine provided during their early career. The first album and early singles gained play on the UK indie charts, leading to Ruby Blue signing a deal with Fontana Records and the August 1990 release of Down from Above, their best-known album. Breakup: Pidgeon left the band in late 1990, moving to the USA to be with her partner and future husband, the playwright David Mamet. Pidgeon continued a solo career and started acting. Woods and Fife kept the band name, releasing the 1993 album Almost Naked. The album was unsuccessful, and Ruby Blue disbanded. Woods moved to Los Angeles and married Tony Philips, the producer of Ruby Blue's Down from Above album, and has had a minor career as an actress. Fife went on to become a successful producer/engineer/mixer and has worked with a variety of artists, including Cyndi Lauper, Antony and the Johnsons and Tricky. A Ruby Blue Remasters album came out in 2011. It featured songs selected from the time Pidgeon and Fife worked together in the band. Singles: Ruby Blue released the following singles, some of which were not released on any of their albums (Positive Love Song, Say Goodbye, The Traveller, Sally Free and Easy, and The Raven). Give us our flag back b/w The quiet mind; June 1987 (7")., So unlike me b/w Life and Times of the Twentieth Century; September 1987 (7" and 12")., Because b/w The Ruby Blue; April 1988 (7" and 12"; 12" also has extended mix of The Ruby Blue)., Bloomsbury Blue b/w Save Me; November 1988 (7" and 12"; 12" also has Childs Song)., Stand Together b/w Easy; February 1989 (7" and 12"; 12" also has Too Many Suitcases)., The Quiet Mind (for Joe) b/w Positive Love Song; April 1990 (7", 12" and CD single; 12" and CDs also have Say Goodbye (live))., Primitive Man b/w The Traveller; June 1990 (7", 12", CDs; 12" and CDs also have Betty's Last Letter and an extended mix of Primitive Man)., Can It Be b/w Something's Gone Wrong; September 1990 (7", 12", CDs; 12" and CDs also have Sally Free and Easy and The Raven)., After the split, Ruby Blue released two further singles: I Feel Good Now b/w Get Your Life Back; June 1991 (7", 12", CDs; 12" also has Am I Turning Into You? and CDs also has Too Far and Smile Slow)., Done My Thinking b/w Magnificent Truth and Almost Naked; June 1993 (CDs).

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