Roxy, Roxey, and Roxie may refer to: Brands: Roxy (clothing), women's brand of clothing, accessories, and snowboards by Quiksilver company for surfing, Music: Roxy & Elsewhere, a 1974 album by Frank Zappa and the Mothers, Roxy Music, British rock music group, The Roxy (TV series), a short lived television show featuring UK Chart Hits and Bands, Roxy Recordings, a Swedish record label, Medicine: Roxicodone (slang: roxy, plural "roxies"), a form of the drug oxycodone, People: Historical: Roxey Ann Caplin, British writer and inventor, Roxy Jezel, pornographic actress, Roxy Panther, pornographic actress, Roxy Reynolds, pornographic actress, Samuel Roxy Rothafel, movie theater pioneer, Fictional: Roxie Hart, a character from the play and film Chicago, Roxy, an enemy character from the video game Final Fight, Roxy (Hannah Montana), a character in the TV series Hannah Montana, Roxy (Winx Club), a character from the Winx Club animated series, Roxy Harmon, a character from the 2011 film God Bless America, Roxy Harvey, a character in the Showtime series Dead Like Me, Roxy Lalonde, a character from the webcomic Homestuck, Roxy Mitchell, a character from the television soap opera EastEnders, Roxie (Pokémon), a character from the Pokémon universe, Places: See also: Roxy Theatre (disambiguation) Roxie, Mississippi, Roxie, West Virginia, Roxie Theater, a movie theater in San Francisco, Roxy Community Theatre in Leeton, New South Wales, Roxy NYC, a nightclub on West 18th Street in New York City, now closed, Roxy Theatre (New York City), a movie theater on 50th Street in New York City, demolished 1960, Roxy Theatre (West Hollywood), a nightclub in Los Angeles, California, The Roxy, a nightclub in London, now closed, The Roxy (Rathbone Place) (formerly The Office), a still open nightclub in London, in Rathbone Place, The Roxy, former name (until 2008) of the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, GA

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