For the American pop singer of the early 60s, see Robin Clark (pop singer). Robin Clark is an American vocalist known for her work as a vocalist on Once Upon a Time, a 1985 multi-platinum album by the Scottish band Simple Minds. Clark was born in New York. In 1966, when Clark was 16, she and future singer and songwriter Luther Vandross worked together after school in the stockroom at Alexander's department store in the Bronx. They started singing together and then joined a 16-member group called Listen My Brother, which was managed by the owners of the Apollo Theatre. Clark began dating Listen My Brother member and Puerto Rican guitarist Carlos Alomar, and they were married in 1970. Their daughter, Lea-Lorién Karima Alomar, also is a singer, songwriter and recording artist. From 1969 through 2014, Clark has performed vocals on tours and albums, radio and television shows and commercials, including the TV jingle "Jamaica One Love" for the Jamaica Tourist Board. She has also performed vocals in movie soundtracks, and appeared in films and videos. Clark performed as a guest vocalist on the 1985 Simple Minds album Once Upon a Time. Although the Central Florida region Orlando Sentinel felt that the album producers "muddied everything up" to produce an album that lacked cohesion, its columnist stated in November 1985 that Clark added a touch to the album's crisp, clear sound that "makes me wish Simple Minds would employ more women." From 1985 to 1987, Clark was featured on Simple Minds' "Alive and Kicking" world tour. In 2013, Clark appeared in the BBC released documentary David Bowie's 5 Years.

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