Robert Schwartzman is a musician, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He is the founder, songwriter, and frontman of the band ROONEY. He started the band during his high school years, and spent 12 years touring and performing to a global fan base. Riding the wave of change through the music industry, from 1999 to present, as a major label artist-to-indie artist, Robert has experienced releasing music from many perspectives in the industry. But no matter the direction of production or consumer trends, he has kept a strong focus on songwriting and delivering quality music to his audience. Robert has written multiple top charting songs both in the US and internationally, including Blueside, I'm Shakin, I Should've Been After You, and the #1 hit When did Your Heart Go Missing. In 2011, Robert released his first solo album and has dedicated his time to recording and touring as a solo artist. Robert recently scored the feature film, Palo Alto, starring James Franco and Emma Roberts and wrote the theme to Marvel's, Iron Man, animated television series. He is releasing a new album fall of 2014 Stay tuned for more!