Robert G. also known from many other projects like 'Global Defence' 'Stereo House' 'Vin Deicer' is a german dance music Producer & Remixer who is producing electronic music for about 13 years. Born 1969 in germany but also roots in hungary paternal.
Robert G. is known for his multiple successful dance, harddance, trance, eurodance, house, hardtrance music and remix work. Remixes Gossip (Sony Music / Columbia Records) Lady Gaga, Steve Jablonsky (Transformers, Paramount Pictures), Rf Project (Sunshine Live, Zyx), Kylie Minogue, Carmen & Camille, Marcie, Danny Marx Young (Son of John Paul Young), DJ Rad feat Zoe, Jacinta, Nigel Hard and many more.
Reviews from record pools for his productions are always ecstatic an surpassing expectations. Lauded as sure to be a top add (Dan Miller of Dance Kings Dj Pool)
For example the music videos for his eurodance hit production 'Highest Mountain' in 2005 which was directed by Alexander Cartio (Alexander has had previous videos charted on Video-Hits, MTVE, BET, MTV Russia, VIVA and Scandinavian ZTV) and made by video company ISV, were successful added to the mainstream audience. In rotation at 2000 Foot-Locker stores nationwide, top rankings at many US Dj charts and #15 at the US DJ TIMES it was a real success.
2007 - 2008 he worked with some artists/singers at the music business with two impressive results on the Billboard Dance Club Charts in the United States.
2010 one of his successful hardtrance productions 'Wanted You To Stay' entered the Dj Charts around the US in big way. 'Wanted You To Stay' was listed #26 at the US DJ TIMES charts and was a FMQB Record Pool Pick along with artists like Cascada, Taio Cruz, David Guetta and more!
Robert G. don't want to limit himself to only one genre and loves to create music in different genres. He takes you on a true journey through dance, trance, harddance, house and club music. Robert G. also owns a independent record label, RGMusic Records which he founded 2005. With his nearly 15 years of experience in the music business he is in good situation to recognize talent and to spot a hit.
Now in 2012 there is again a lot of new cool stuff in work. He is working on some new dance/handsup/house productions and remixes under various projectnames which will be soon available. Remix requests please to: