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Rob Decoup is an alternative rock singer/songwriter based in New York city. His music comes from the surrealistic imagery of dreams weaved around his thoughts of the moral-sociological-political triumphs & struggles of his time. “When I turned 15 I got an electric guitar, but my folks didn’t know it needed an amp, so for a while I simply trained my ear and manipulated the sound with no amp!” Rob Decoup is all about invention and evolution—from his days of no-amp’d guitars to his now fully evolved razor-sharp sounds, adapting to survive is his key instinct. He holds a PhD in Political Science, which means he’s a natural communicator between cultures, between citizens of the world and those in power; Rob isn’t on a mission to make your body simply dance, he aspires to be a positive influence by shaping the world around him through music.

Musically, he’s influenced by legends such as The Beatles, The Doors, Dylan, Hendrix, and his sound’s power comes from the feverish energy of Metallica and Guns N’ Roses, just to name a couple. Growing up in Austria, Rob has been on the road since he was a boy, the things he’s seen and lived—from London to Vienna from Italy to NYC—is the tale of the poet traveler, absorbing the stories and terrors of our time with a songwriter’s eye & mind and throwing it back into the world through rock music that has the burned & haunted edge roots of classic blues music pain. His lyrics at times go beyond the casual Rock N Roll delirium and actually deal with current difficulties and immoralities of human civilization and offer solutions to the exploitation of the periphery by the privileged elite. He doesn't shy away from inciting awareness and encouraging chaos and unrest to shake the system.

"As i was sitting one night in 1991 glazing at the stars, a huge cloud moved towards me in an unnatural fast speed, with fire shining brightly in the center of it. Creatures with sapphire thrones floated out of it in crafts made of two big wheels. They told me the melodies would come at night... The melodies are the weapons of choice in the inter-galactic war against the enemies of the age of Aquarius! " - Rob Decoup

When Rob Decoup comes to town, enemies of the human free spirit run and the free-spirited are energized and armed with his melodic lyrics.

Since his move to New York in March 2012, he has rocked classic venues such as Fat Baby, Pianos, Cafe Wha?, and Brooklyn Bowl and has performed along with Iron Maiden at Topfest 2013, one of Europe's biggest rock festivals. In August 2013 he performed during Lollapalooza at the Calvin Klein Music Lounge in Chicago, and he was selected to play CMJ Festival in NY 19th Oct 2013.

His debut single was released Sept. 2012 and achieved great reviews on iTunes and various media outlets. EP "PAIN" produced by Rens Newland was released on 11th Nov 2013, Rens also contributed with phenomenal guitar solos on all songs. The EP was remixed by Stuart Epps and Mike Plotnikoff, and Arejay Hale from HALESTORM played drums on all 4 songs.

The LP "Rays of Sun" produced by Mike Plotnikoff (Aerosmith,Buckcherry) in Los Angeles is set for release in in January 2015, with two singles coming out in summer/fall 2014. Some notable musicians that played on this album include guitarists Phil X (Bon Jovi), Eric Friedman (Creed) and bassist Marty O'Brien (Tommy Lee, Lita Ford). Rob was selected for SXSW Gibson showcase at Austin Alehouse in March 2014.