R.I.O. is a German DJ-duo (formerly trio). The current members are DJ Manian and Yann Peifer. Until 2012, Neal Dyer was part of the group. Their biggest hit was the song "Turn This Club Around" landing in the top 5 of charts in Germany and Austria and at number one in Switzerland. Production and members: The two German DJs Manian and Yanou founded the act R.I.O. in the summer of 2007, after their great success with joint projects such as Cascada and Tune Up!. R.I.O. was initially intended as an "experimental project". The name is derived from their first recording with the same title, as well as the re-release as "De Janeiro". In their songs Manian and Yanou are active as songwriter, composer and producer. Next to them, in all the titles Andres Ballinas, a good friend of the duo, cooperates as an author. Also, it's a known fact that R.I.O. plays the Jesus Christ (from Nazareth) part in the music video "Shine On". In addition to their own releases they often appear as remixers in appearance. Songs by artists who are a member of their own label Zooland Records, for example the ItaloBrothers or King & White, as well as old and new single releases of the members Manian and Yanou be mixed by them irregularly in the ordinary R.I.O.-style. Their songs they released initially only on the own label of the duo, Zooland Records, until they signed a contract with the German record label Kontor Records in 2011. Previously published individual songs on Kontor Records, but no contract for all releases until 2011 was signed. Two more contracts for the international publication of their songs have been closed in 2011 with the Swedish record label Roxy Recordings and the Dutch label Spinnin' Records. On every music video and live performance the members Manian and Yanou stay in the background. Since the entry of Tony T in 2007, he was the face and voice of R.I.O.. Because of this, was incorrectly assumed audience, R.I.O. was the pen name of Tony T. 2011 U -Jean was placed at the side him. In 2012 he made his exit and irritated fans saw the video of their song Party Shaker, which was sung by Nicco, in which neither Tom nor Tim was seen. For many Fans just now, became clear that R.I.O. is a project of two DJs. On the live performances still U-Jean represent the duo. Despite U-Jean is the face at their concerts, single covers and videos since Tony T. left the project, R.I.O., is known as a duo consisting of Manian and Yanou. Songs, which get sung by U-Jean has got the title "R.I.O. feat. U-Jean", so he is simply flagged as a guest musician and is not an official band-member. History: 2007: Beginnings & First successes: Together experimented Yanou and Manian in their studio, resulting a cover of the famous Samba de Janeiro Bellini. The title was called R.I.O. which was released as a single but only in form of remixes by artists such as Spencer & Hill, Stereo Palma or as MYPD, Manian and Yanou itself. The track appeared on many labels throughout Europe, but the publication in Germany was rather less popular. in Spain, this version could advance even into the top 10 of the charts. They picked up this project in the winter of 2007 and mixed the track one more time. Then, on 9 November 2007 the song appeared in stores re-recorded as "De Janeiro". The single is now also contains an "original version" of the title. The original track "R.I.O." appears on this single as Spencer & Hill Remix. Quite surprisingly, and in no time the track became an international club anthem. The single has reached the 8th place in the Spanish chart and ranked number 14 in the Netherlands. Since the new release, the original version of De Janeiro, R.I.O., not made aware of and performed on compilations and albums only under the new title . 2008-2009: breakthrough with "Shine On": A few months after the release of her first single De Janeiro a remix appeared. Together they whip up the song "Cool" by Lowrida. The remix was released in February 2008. In May 2008, they served a second time as a remixer. This time they produced their version to the club song Children of the Night by Yanou, a member of the band. Shortly after the release of the single De Janeiro discovered the two Cologne producers the 36-year-old British singer and rapper Tony T., who eventually joined the project as the voice and frontman. Shortly thereafter, they began as a trio to work on new songs and on their debut album. Then, in June 2008, they released their first own singles "Shine On", the conquered radio stations by storm. She arrived in southern Europe and the entire Middle East, the top of the official charts and top 25 rankings in most European countries, including number 25 in Germany, 21 in Austria, rank 17 in Switzerland and number 22 in Spain. The video of the single Shine On was retrieved solely on YouTube over 30 million times. "In the beginning nobody could imagine this huge and incomparable success, we have to be very lucky to be able to have a live tour to play around the globe and to rock every weekend in front of huge crowds". Similarly, the single was in the find annual charts of several countries such as Israel's number one of the year-end chart of 2008 and number 99 in Germany . In September 2008, they performed a third time as a remix producer team. This time they took the 2008 version of "Turn the Tide" R.I.O. member Manian and singer Alia. The original comes from the vocal trance project Silver from the year 2000. In December 2008, their third single "When the Sun Comes Down" appeared. In November 2008, they was presented on the "Kontor Top Of The Clubs Vol 41". They also reached the single-chart and moved to the top ten of the Dutch top 40 and Spanish chart and also reached number 22 of the Netherlands Top 100. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland it was a small success. As well as to some of the following singles appeared no official music video. On 10 July 2009 R.I.O. released "After the Love". This single was used on the compilation "The Dome Summer 2009". In Austria, the track was represented in the chart for two weeks, reaching number 41. In Germany it was able to place and reached four weeks at number 65. In Switzerland, the song could not reach the Chart. However, this song is practiced again a great success in the Netherlands and Portugal, "After the Love" grew up in the upper half of chart. After the three musicians landed another summer hit with After the Love, appeared a further remix in October 2009. A second time they interpreted a song of the member Yanou. This time mixed the trio the song "Brighter Day". "Serenade" was released in November 2009 as a download single. Serenade didn't was a great success and just reached number 97 in the German single-chart, where they remained for one week. However, the song charted in the Netherlands. They reached at least the 30th place and stayed for four weeks in the Top 40. The single is based on the eponymous track of the American rock band the Steve Miller Band from the year 1976. Because of that only Steve Miller and C. McCarthy were included as songwriter of the song. 2010: First studio album: In 2010 they collaborated with the Dutch singer Liz Kay, which is already being produced by the heads of the trio, Manian and Yanou. From their collaboration, the title "Something About You" and "Watching You" arisen. The songs appeared on 12 February 2010 and became another success. They could penetrate for nine weeks at number 19 in Bulgaria. In Portugal, the single debuted at number 49 and could rise for six weeks at number 34. On 19 February 2010 the trio released their first studio album Shine On (The Album). It contained all previously released singles, as well as some new and unreleased tracks. In September 2010, a deluxe version was released, which also contains the later appeared Track "Hot Girl". Neither of these albums reached the Top 100 album chart. The seventh single "One Heart" appeared in three variations. Once considered a two-track single in February 2010 in the Netherlands. Similarly, the song was released as a double single with "Can You Feel It", even in some countries of Europe, as well as a three-single with "Can You Feel It" and "Lay Down" in April 2010 in the rest of Europe. In addition to the solo version of One Heart in which only Tony T. sings the vocals of the song that appeared. On the Internet, a second version of the song in which the singer Nina Nyembwe participates. In the Netherlands the single reached number 24 and had been finded for 4 weeks in the charts. In Portugal, the single also debuted in the chart, here the trio could appeared on number 21 and remained for 25 weeks in the top 100. Hot Girl was the last single release from the album Shine On (The Album). However, they could only be found on the Deluxe Edition. The song was released on 28 October 2010 as a promotional single in the Netherlands, where it was also represented for two weeks in the mega-chart. For this song a music video was directed. Th first time since "After the Love". It already appeared on 13 July 2010 on YouTube. After more than two years it has been viewed over two million times. Commercial success the song only got in the Netherlands. Hot Girl is one of the biggest club successes of the band. In addition, the track forms the transition from reggae to house style. 2011: Sunshine & Turn This Club Around: On 11 February 2011 R.I.O. published the song "Like I Love You" as the first single and an announcement for their second studio album "Sunshine". With "Like I Love You" they could be placed in the top half of the charts again. It was the first time after two years. The video was uploaded to the official YouTube Channel of Kontor Records on 4 January 2011 and was viewed more than 25 million times after one and a half years. The instrumental part of the song was sample of the same-titled song of the dance-trio The Hitmen . Together with Dan Winter, and the pseudonym Black Toys Manian mixed the track in the style of the original Song. In February 2011 R.I.O. mixed the title track of the single "Good Vibe" by the Good Vibe Crew along with Cat. The Good Vibe Crew is another project of Manian and Yanou. The song was released on 25 February 2011 on Zooland Records, but didn't got a great success. The successor to Single "Like I Love You" was titled "Miss Sunshine" and is a cover of the track "Sunshine" from the year 2001, produced by the Dance Project Dance Nation. This song could be found in the chart lists of every German-speaking country of Europe. It was published in May 2012 in parallel with their second studio album, "Sunshine". On "Sunshine" you can find old songs, as well as new songs. The album made it to number 49 of the Swiss album chart and was represented there for two weeks. Also in May 2012, they also released their first non-album single "One More Night", a cover of the same song by Phil Collins, as a downloadable single. Chart positions they could not reached. In the summer of 2011, Manian and Yanou met the American singer and rapper U-Jean, who has already aroused a stir with cooperation with Carlprit. Together they recorded the song "Turn This Club Around" on, which served as an announcement for the next album already in September 2011. It peaked at number one on the iTunes charts, where it stayed for 3 weeks. In the Media Control Charts managed "Turn This Club Around" at number three in Switzerland and in the second week at the top. There was, among others, the first single which managed a chart position in Great Britain, and with a 36th place well represented. Also, it was their first success in America. Because there R.I.O. could storm the chart in Canada. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland R.I.O. had been certificated with a gold award for more than 150.000 sold units. Also in the year-end chart of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the single was represented. In Germany managed Turn This Club Around up to number 48, in Austria on the 72 course and in Switzerland the song reached number 60. Also in September 2011 appeared a new remix of the trio. This time they produced a remix for the song in 1234 the German rapper Carlprit. This mix became the official and only version of the track. The style of the remix is similar, very unlike their other remixes, the subject of their very successfully single "Turn This Club Around". Coinciding with the release of their third studio album, "Turn This Club Around" released their thirteenth single "Animal, which was, after the success of Turn This Club Around, another collaboration with rapper U -Jean. The song debutet on number 48 in Germany on the 51st place in Switzerland, and peaked on number 33 in the Austrian chart. Many critics compared the single with the song "Levels" of the swedish DJ Avicii In December 2011, the single "Night Nurse" by Cascada, another dance project of Manian and Yanous. Their current singer Tony T. participated appeared. They released the title as "Cascada feat. R.I.O.". The single failed to reach the chart of most European countries. 2012: Turn This Club Around (Deluxe Edition): In March 2012, gave Tony T., the previous RIOs face his exit from the group known in order to concentrate on his solo career . Shortly thereafter, he also published his own single, called "Way to Rio". 19 After Tony T. from Dance Project Manian and Yanou were placed back on its own and produced together as RIO a remix for the song Rock this club by King & White in collaboration with Cimo . This mix was also just as Carlprits 1234 to the title song of the single. Although U-Jean was singer of the last two singles next to Tony T, Manian and Yanou did not record R.I.O.s next single "Party Shaker", with U-Jean, but with the American singer Nicco. It was a big hit in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. One of the most successful songs came in 2012, too. It's called "Summer Jam" and entered number 2 in Austria and Switzerland and number 7 in Germany. It's a cover of the same-called song "Summer Jam" by the Underdog Project. 2013: Ready or Not: Their first single in 2013 is "Living in Stereo". The singer is Howard Glasford, most known from Shakiras single "Un poco de amor". It was released in March 2013. The single could peak on number 70 in Germany, 32 in Switzerland and 41 in Austria. On 10 May 2013 R.I.O. released the single and same-name album "Ready or Not". The album was a big success. It entered number 4 in Switzerland, 26 in Austria and 47 in Germany. The single jumped to number 54 in Germany and peaked on 40 in Austria. Later it also could chart in Switzerland for a week. On 2 August 2013 appeared an eight-minute. This consists the songs "Turn This Club Around", "Like I Love You", "Animal", "Ready or Not", "Summer Jam", "Party Shaker" and "Shine On". In addition, the various music videos of the songs were edited together into one. It was offered on the Kontor Summer Jam 2013, as well as single-track on iTunes to download and succeeded after a few hours in the top 100 on the iTunes charts. Also in the singles chart, the song already got in after a week. In Germany it reached directly the 19th place, also in Austria, the mix debuted on number 19. End of August 2013 appeared first previews of their next song Komodo (Hard Nights). This was on 27 September 2013 published on Kontor. This is another collaboration-with U-Jean. Already, a certain similarity "The Code" of W&W and Ummet Ozcan is criticized. The variety of synths to this arrange similar. Even if this song could be a cover version of the legendary "Komodo" by Mauro Picotto was initially assumed and later confirmed, but in this case only the background-sounds are very similar. The track just needs a few hours to reach the download Charts of all online music services. In the singles chart of Germany, he reached 58th place. In Austria and Switzerland "Komodo (Hard Nights)" debuted at number 45. In October 2013, a further remix of the duo appeared. It is a reinterpretation of the title "Maria (I Like It Loud)" by Scooter from the year 2003 and will be featured on their album "20 Years of Hardcore". Already Scooters version is a remix. The first version of the song is from the year 1997 by Marc Acardipane, Marshall Masters and The Ultimate MC with the title "I Like It Loud". 2014 - Present: In early 2014 R.I.O. released after "Komodo (Hard Nights)" a second electro-house single. It's called "One In A Million" and also sung by U-Jean. The track reached the single chart of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On March 27, 2015, they released a new single called "Thinking Of You" featuring singer-songwriter Andres Ballinas, who also wrote various songs for Manian & Yanou's dance projects Cascada and R.I.O..

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