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Official Site: | @RAFrockkill
The band was formed in 2009 when Zhires and Vonia met at Kruger‘s coffeeshop somewhere in Saint-Petersburg. Friends at once noted a good Zhires’s Scandinavian accent in Japanese songs. Then the Vonia turned to the local guitar master Batras Chugoev, who made him a guitar under the label ᴧOX. At that time Batras had nothing to do and he decided to join the newly-made band. Kruger doubted his belonging to the Gothic world of fantasy but finally he sat down and played the drums for the true rock sound. It was the first and the last rehearsal of the band. The guys decided: “We won’t rehearse! We’ll just perform and record albums”, because the musical experience of each of the musicians was enormous. For example, Zhires as a vocalist of Lowriderz supported Ozzy Osbourne (11.09.2010 / St. Petersburg) and Iron Maiden (10.07.2011). Kruger is the one of the greatest drummers in Russia. He has had many releases with different bands and has taken part in supporting such bands as Gorky Park, Pain, Moonspell, Amorphis, Anathema, Evanescence, Within Temptation.
Riff Action Family’s brand of music uses various styles ranging from rock, metal, rapcore, jazz to pop. But the members of R.A.F. call their exclusive style Killing Rock.

The first disc was the EP - From Russia with Love, released in October 2010. Zhires, Batras, Kruger and Vonia used aliases – Stas Gordeev, Sergei Chugunov, Kirill Dmitriev, and Ivan Ponkin respectively. They owed money to the Russian mafia for recording the album, and they did not return them, ‘cause the rent for the studio was very high! So Riff Action Family decided to lie low and hide.

The second disc of the group is LP – ‘ROCKKILL’, released for free download in November 2011 on the site The album was recorded at Kruger’s studio called ‘Top Records’, which was built by corrupt officials using Jewish money. Mixing took place at the zhirAbass studio, which was founded by Batras and Zhires. The debts were handed out immediately, and the group revealed their real names to the world.