Eighties soft-toned vocalist Richard "Dimples" Fields topped the R&B charts with the world weary-toned mid-tempo groover "If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another" with its everyman spoken section. Fields is also known for "She's Got Papers on Me," a radio-aired track from his Dimples LP (issued as a promotion-only single), which featured a harpy-ish monologue by Betty Wright. Owner of the Cold Duck Lounge in San Francisco, CA, Fields began putting out his own albums in the late '70s. Garnering attention and sales in the Bay Area, he was signed to Neil Bogart's Boardwalk Records. His first charting single was a cover of the Penguins' million-selling 1954 hit "Earth Angel," which peaked at number 81 R&B in summer 1981. That was followed by "I've Got to Learn to Say No!" Fields wrote the sketch for what would be his 1982 number one R&B hit "If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another" while still in high school. Basically his view on world situations, the song struck a responsive chord with listeners almost immediately endearing him to them. It was originally included on the San Francisco-based singer's Spoiled Rotten LP, the third release of his locally released albums. While at a car dealership, Fields ran into a high school friend. She encouraged him to re-record "If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another." He worked with Belinda Wilson, who added her ideas to the song, such as upping the tempo from the original ballad mode to that of a mid-tempo tune. Included on his Mr. Look So Good! album, the track went to number one R&B for three weeks in early 1982. Fields had more everyman-theme singles that charted: "People Treat You Funky (When Ya Ain't Got No Money!)" and "Don't You Ever Stop Chasing Your Dreams (Part 1)." Another song that dealt with fidelity, "Your Wife Is Cheating on Us," gave Fields his fourth Top 40 R&B hit, going to number 32 R&B in summer 1984 and his first charting single for RCA Records after Boardwalk folded. Though the single "Jazzy Lady" peaked at number 63 R&B during fall 1984, it became a steppers classic. His next single was issued under the name Dimples: "Shake 'Em Down," number 54 R&B. Switching to Columbia Records, the singer had his third-highest charting single with a cover of Aaron Neville's number one hit "Tell It Like It Is" (number 22 R&B); his other charting single for the label was "I Can't Live With or Without You." His final nationally charting single was "They're Trying to Take Your Job"in 1991 on the Life label. Besides Dimples and Mr. Look So Good!, Fields' other albums include Give Everybody Some (1983), Mmmm... (1984), Dark Gable (1985), Baby Makin' Music, and The Man Who Loves Women! (January 1995) -- both on Owch Records. On January 15, 2000, Fields died in Oakland, CA. ~ Ed Hogan, Rovi