RIBS is what happens when three people try to make a bedroom sound like a stadium.

The Boston band, dubbed "Rock's great new hope" by the Boston Phoenix and compared to Muse, the Deftones, and Queens of the Stone Age, released their second EP, Russian Blood, in 2012. Several months later they would go on to win "Rock Artist of the Year" at the Boston Music Awards.

Self-managed, self-booked, self-produced, and self-released, the band has nonetheless managed to ignite the kind of local momentum usually bestowed upon more veteran acts: WFNX 101.7 - the first station to have played Nirvana, The Killers, Foster the People, and Franz Ferdinand - added the Russian Blood track "Alarms" to regular rotation after declaring "'Alarms' may be the best song to come out of Boston in 2012."

The Boston Globe, previewing the EP in a two-page spread feature, observed "There are cement-grinding atmospherics out of Trent Reznor's playbook and canyon banshee wails echoed from long-lost U2 anthems. 'Russian Blood' is thoroughly DIY ... but it carries itself like a really big deal." The EP, recorded in the band's Boston practice space and mixed in singer Keith Freund's bedroom, doesn't shy away from its origins - listen closely to the final track "Destructo" and you can hear car horns and sirens from fire trucks passing by Freund's second-floor apartment windows where the vocals were recorded.

After a posting of RIBS' first release, 2010's British Brains, received seven-hundred comments in two days on, the EP became the top-selling release of the week on Bandcamp.